We’ve got you covered.

Our passion for the law, industry knowledge, personal approach and global experience allow us to support our clients with well balanced and sensible legal advice.

A multi speciality law firm

Businesses today interact with a multitude of laws and sometimes, regulators! A partnering law firm should therefore be a one-stop shop to meet the client’s varied business needs. With this objective in mind, we have set up a multi-speciality law firm, which focuses not only on traditional avenues of advice like FDI and setting up business but also emerging spaces like data protection, ESG, and human rights.

Our values

Our values and aspirations are derived from the word ‘Sarthak’, which in the Sanskrit language means ‘meaningful’. It is our attempt to add meaning, purpose and passion to the practice of law. We strive to ensure that our services help our clients in a meaningful and empathetic way, while also helping the society at large. From the naming of our firm to the manner in which we practice law, we have tried to set up a modern and professional law firm. At the same time, our Asian roots and heritage provide a sound foundation for the realisation of values, and setting up the parameter for client-care.

Our approach

Client first – is the benchmark of our services. Understanding the objectives of our clients in seeking legal services in a commercial as well as humane manner helps us deliver out-of-the-box solutions. Our approach towards legal services marries traditional services with the use of technology. This aids and assists us in efficiently servicing the needs of our clients.